I made jalapeño, cilantro, carrot kraut

The effective ppm of iodohpor is staggeringly low. Something like 15ppm for a minute contact or near.


looks fantastic. sorry to say it, but you’ve got the fermenting bug now, there is no going back. :slight_smile: :+1:

i find that when i’m doing the breathable lid hack that a regular coffee filter works much better then a paper towel.

also for many types of fermenting if you start with enough salt or an acidic enough ph then sterilizing the jars is much less important and a run through the dishwasher with the heat dry setting is usually enough, or putting in the oven for a bit.

isn’t fermenting fantastic?


Perhaps this is too simple, but why not just run hot water in the jars before scalding them? Kind of a waste of water, I suppose, but should work to keep them from shattering and if they did anyways, you really wouldn’t have wanted to use them in the first place.

see Andy Griffith pickle episode :slight_smile:

"stuff that pokes out can encourage bad bacterial growth. "

We sprung for the glass weights after we lost a batch of kraut, and now we enjoy the piece of mind not having to worry about batches going bad.

I am glad you mentioned the OCD thing. Wash your hands should be intuitively obvious. I was kind of hoping there would be a few “check the stove” mentions.

I have three fermentation Mason jar tops. Two from Kickstarters. I need to do a shoot out.

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The Gold Standard: http://www.farmsteadferments.com/

World-class kraut, zillions of varieties, handmade by a master, Dawn Story.

I am picturing this stuff with some kielbasa or bratwurst and a shit ton of beer


Why don’t you pickle them?

You’re making Curtido, it goes best with papusas.

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I didn’t RTFA… but took its force of inspiration straight to my unused bag of carrots (housemate moved out and took his fancy cold-press juicer…SO gonna miss that thing).

For a first attempt, this was a combination of 3 random basic refrigerator pickle recipes. Now i have 2 large jars of carrot sticks that really taste of something! Something good! Sweet and spicy, with sliced onion, garlic cloves, whole chillis, peppercorns, sugar, salt, cumin, garam masala, tumeric…I forget what-all else. In white vinegar. Happy result: on first try, it perked a boring salad way up.

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Pickling mangoes really requires fresh green ones; all the mango I have in the freezer is quite ripe. I’ve never gotten into smoothies.

I made it, too.


Today my hands are still burning from the jalapeno peppers.

It does look good and I am eager to taste it in a few days.


Gloves next time :wink:


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