Perserving the Japanese Way: Traditions of Salting, Fermenting and Pickling for the Modern Kitchen

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Man that looks good! Long long ago, before the turn of the century when Motorola Dynatech or flip-phone cellphones roamed the earth, I went to Japan for a week before my son’s birth. We were shooting photos of a new MRI machine and after a long day, we missed our train and had some time to kill. We were hungry and in need of beer, so we stopped in a little hole in the wall, ordered some tall beers, noodles and so on. Moments later the waitress dropped off a sizable plate of pickles, none of which looked familiar (maybe that was eggplant? was that a cucumber?) Absolutely amazing. Revelatory taste and texture sensations.

Lately I’ve been making jars of caribbean style pikles. Tasty! Colorful too. i make a very mild hot version (don’t forget the clove, next batch I’m going to try some nutmeg in there).


In the review the American is called an “ex-pat” while the Japanese is an “immigrant”. Why?

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“Perserving”? Is that even a word?


“These pickles have 450 mg of salt perserving.”

“Perversing”, maybe. Isn’t it Japanese?
I’ll show myself out…

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Hmm, I’m intrigued, but it would be nice to know what the recipes are in the book - Amazon’s “look inside” stops just as they get to the actual list of recipes. I’ve been playing around with various fermented vegetable pickles lately and making hoshigaki (which are fucking incredible), so could be useful - or it could involve ingredients I’m unlikely to find or make use of. Hopefully my favorite bookstore will carry it, and I can check it out the next time I’m over there (which, unfortunately, is likely to be in six months or so, given how far away it is…).

Care to share a recipe?

I read about em somewhere and found this

I used a jalapeño, but might up my heat next time (mb also try a small batch w lots of garlic)

yummy on sandwiches, w asian food, eggs (as a side), indian food, and more.

My Dad is visiting (old Wisconsin fella) he loves it! Caribbean kraut.


Looks delicious!

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I love this book and am very happy to see this nice post about it.

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Just rushed over and reserved this at the library (well, opened a tab & went to the library’s website), and wish I’d known earlier: 21st in line for 3 copies! Ah, well…

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