Pickle juice slushies are coming to Sonic Drive-In this summer


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Venturing into Far East weirdness!


Good god, wtf is wrong with people? I don’t even like being in the same ROOM as a pickle.


The blood of Pickle Rick was not spilled in vain…


You know, I actually do like pickles, and that still sounds deeply yucky to me.


Pickle juice and club soda is actually one of my favorite summer drinks. Brackish, carbonated, a little tang–what’s not to love?


My only problem with this is that pickle juice pairs with only one thing. Whiskey. It’s a pretty good chaser for shitty whiskey. That said, drunks are going to drunk no matter how much I am concerned by it, so, bottoms up everyone!


Whatever concoction of synthetic flavoring they’ve used to achieve this, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t come from, you know, actual pickles.


Is this strictly necessary?


I’ll have an old crow with a pickle back, please!



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I see a rise in ulcers.


Roger that.


I’d recommend that until Sonic determines if these will actually be a ‘thing’, they stick to using the slurry from the jars of relish and pickles for their burgers, rather than invest in big vats of pickle flavoring.




They missed a chance to do a 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. cross-promotion…


On September 3, 2000, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys in 109º heat. They used pickle juice to stave off muscle cramping.

But still, pickle juice slushies just seems wrong.


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This is basically a variation of the ancient Roman drink posca, a mixture of water, honey, and vinegar, flavored with herbs (though not, I think, dill). It is actually pretty delicious, a bit like lemonade but with a tangier bite. (A little vinegar goes a long way if you want to experiment.)

When the soldiers offered Jesus vinegar on a sponge, they were probably offering him posca to drink; an act of kindness, not cruelty.


When I was a kid, decades ago, a popular treat from the snack stand at baseball games was pickle juice snow cones. Yep. Jr. high girls loved them. So yeah, I can see where this is coming from.