New Yorkers can now get pickle-flavored soft serve


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High’s Ice Cream made this when I was a kid. It was disgusting, even for kids.


Would try at least once. Dill with it.


Pretty sure the Chinatown ice cream factory has been doing this for years. They regularly make a durian flavor. And their rotating wacky flavors often feature things like seaweed and various meats. Think they had soysauce ice cream one time. Pickles would be a surprisingly normal flavor for them.

Every time you go in there there’s something different.


Same thing with a pretty (in)famous ice cream shop in Venezuela back when i was a kid. They specialized in crazy flavors from onion to ground beef and everything in between. I would definitely try the pickle ice cream but i doubt i’d be able to eat too much of it.


I had something similar at a Mexican ice cream shop in town. (Where I live is about 50% latin)

Salted cucumber with chili flakes. While it sounds weird, the worst part was that they used wayyy too much salt.


Sweet and salty goes together like lamb and tuna fish.


Like Claudia Gonson and Stephin Merritt.


But they have to pay for it with dill dough.


b…but the best part about a pickle is the texture…and the best part of ice cream is the flavor…


This is quite the solution in search of a problem.




Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.




New Yorkers can now get pickle-flavored soft serve

I think that was happening already by accident.


I think you’ve got that backwards.

Maybe you’re eating the wrong pickles and ice cream?

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