This ice cream is flavored like Thanksgiving dinner foods


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What strange delicious anarchy is this?


Turkey ice cream is not something I’ve ever thought about, but it actually sounds pretty good.


That sounds like damning with faint praise.


Skip dinner, go straight to desert.


As a lifelong dessertitarian, I find this trend of savory desserts to be disheartening. If you’ve already sat through the savory courses, what remains to look forward to?


So they taste like Thanksgiving going down? Or coming up?


I’d go sorbet or gelato personally. A cranberry or pumpkin variety would be delicious. Green bean ice cream, NO THANKS!


Wash it down with the Jones Soda Thanksgiving Holiday Pack. Not sure if they’re still producing it but one can find packs from previous years.

Edit: Doesn’t look like they’re making the Thanksgiving flavors these days.


I’ve made plain bacon ice cream, and more recently began to deviate…Bacon Bourbon and Brown Sugar was the best of all.

My only issue was I used a bit too much bourbon, the alcohol content was so high I could not get a fully hard frozen ice cream. :smiley:


Well, if ya’ gotta make a mistake, might as well be a high proof mistake.


Briefly confused as I tried to recall spiced goat ever being considered a Thanksgiving dish. Now I’m no longer confused, but considering a menu variation.


At least they were smart enough to stay away from blueberries…



It could be worse. Hopefully they don’t have a trout ice cream named for Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai.


Growing up in Venezuela there was a (in)famous small ice cream shop that specialized in weird flavors. Stuff like onion, black bean, hot sauce, etc. I don’t recall ever going there though, had no interest in trying any of it.


Just think of the nap you’ll take after the sugar & tryptophan kicks in.


Is the chef a Kit Kat alumni?



I tried two of the flavors last night, the buttered mashed potatoes and the sweet potato casserole. The mashed potatoes were hard to get my mind around because they taste so much like the real thing. The sweet potato casserole was divine.