I need a good html5 + svg framework

I need to port a project that I’ve been working off and on for the past couple of years to the web.

It has various incarnations-- in java, in python, and even a bit of foray into lua (codea). I’d like to port as much as I can to the web, so that I don’t have to teach users to use the command line. Also, it really needs a stable graphical editor.

The thing, is, I don’t really develop for the web, and don’t know css, javascript, or much beyond 1990s era html. So, obviously, I’d have to read the right books, and not get bogged down in stuff that’s obsolete.

The project involves mathematical diagrams-- specifically tailor’s patterns.

Sort of like this:


Given that I want users to be able to generate vector graphics according to a recipe with user supplied parameters, and also to modify those recipes using an editor with a nice gui, what sort of frameworks should I be looking at?

Is RapahelJS going to work?

Right now, the programs logic exists as python scripts. I have a buggy java swing editor, and I can generate files in SVG, DXF, and a proprietary format I’ve been able to reverse engineer, But I to be able to write something anybody can use using a modern browser.

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Since you’ve been working in python, what about flask?

Raphael.js should work, along with any canvas/svg js framework that creates a scene graph. You may also want to consider http://fabricjs.com/ or http://paperjs.org/about/ or even https://d3js.org/. I would suggest looking at the documentation/examples and see which one you like best.

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