I object to tracking

Dear Boing Boing.

If you truly value our privacy why don’t you add a “do not spy on me” button to the cookie disclaimer UI instead of making us dig through hundreds of tracking decisions and select “I object” one by one for several hours?

I am curious, If these are broken out into “legitimate interest ”, are the rest illegitimate?

Use precise geolocation data

Actively scan device characteristics for identification

Thank you.


Boing Boing makes its money from advertising. It values our privacy likes pimp values chastity. If it weren’t for EU regulations we wouldn’t even have these options.

Remember, if the service is free you are the product


I fully understand that I am being milked for sale to the ad customers. I just rather the farmer not whisper BS in my ear about how they value me and care about me while doing so.


I just treat BoingBoing like I do any other site these days, have since it went full monetization a few years back. Adblocker, Privacy Badger, Cookie Autodelete, etc. Haven’t quite gone full Private Browser & VPN yet, but that is on the horizon. Basically, if a website chooses to treat its visitors adversarially in a desperate attempt to monetize, it can’t complain if visitors react defensively.

The owners have bills to pay and medical insurance to cover, because they live in a country with horribly inadequate social infrastructure, so I don’t blame them. But it is kinda sad, Boing used be one of the very last holdovers of the old internet, which is now pretty much all gone forever.


The legitimate interest thing is a bit of a GDPR loophole. It’s not really a loophole but people try to use it as one nevertheless.

Anyway, as @tsath said, without the EU you wouldn’t even have the chance to object.


If you would like to code us a TCF 2.0 compliant GDPR consent screen, have at it, otherwise we are using the industry standard one.

I recommend reading more about the GDPR so you can better understand your rights there:

In short, we have a responsibility to present this information and obtain consent. We’re not going to fuck around with it by “rolling our own” and messing something up. We provide granular options because we don’t believe in just putting a big “agree” button on there and not giving our visitors all the information, and all the choices.

You are welcome to visit sites that do not provide this granularity and roll all of these options into a single “agree” button if you prefer.


That’s explicitly illegal under GDPR anyway. You are consenting to your data being used in different ways.


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