I recommend this rowing machine

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Office Rowing Team


Congrats on getting a rower! I haven’t used many different types but I love my Concept2 rower. IMO the only real downside is that the fan makes too much noise to watch TV except with earbuds.


That is indeed the same one I have and it’s worked quite while for a long time. I had one of the cheaper pneumatic rowers before that, and it didn’t last terribly long.


I’d like a cheap rower that I could reasonably connect to strava.

I agree. I bout one a couple of months ago.:+1::grin:

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Apparently the official rower of BB? I’ve got that one as well; it’s held up rather nicely.

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I only wish I had the space. I’ve gotten really portly the last year. I’m hoping I can go swimming again soon before I’m too round to appear in public in swimming shorts


Having dealt with crap gym equipment in the past I’ve got to put on my skepticism hat, but since it sounds like this device has some fans among the Boingers of the world, let me ask the obvious question:

When you get this machine, what are you leaving behind compared to the $1200 industry standard Concept 2?


You just need to make a dramatic enterance.


Not a shill (should you believe me) - when lockdown started all of the known-brand/premium rowing machines were sold out and resale prices were easily 2x MSRP, but I found this sketchy-seeming “Sunny Health” unit on Amazon for an incredibly reasonable price.

End result: Great purchase. Seriously.

I bought this on the recommendation that it was very quiet as I have sensitive downstairs neighbors. It really is quiet. My downstairs neighbors have previously complained about a subwoofer turned down to zero (since disconnected), but have not noticed me using this rowing machine at 6am.

One bit of advice: at the time that I purchased this on Amazon the recommended foam mat was actually shorter than the machine’s base. I had to purchase a mat two sizes larger. This was probably a temporary mistake but you should check anyway so you don’t wind up with a mat that won’t reach both ends of the machine’s feet.

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