I was sent to space camp and survived the Multi Axis Trainer

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I want to eat a pound of fettuccine alfredo and do that.


I went on a similar device at a climbing gym once. You spun it yourself by lurching and pushing and it ran on three axes as this does. I got twirling really fast and enjoyed it for a long time, with no ill effects.

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I went to space camp as a kid! Probably almost 20 years ago, now. I’m kind of surprised it still exists, I always thought of it as a 90s kid thing.

Have they told the story yet about Pepsi and Coke fighting over who would be the official carbonated beverage provider of the space program, based on who could create a version of their product actually drinkable in microgravity? Or the various debated merits and flaws of the designated shuttle landing sites–shuttle pilots don’t like landing at Kennedy because it’s hard, but it’s cheaper because it doesn’t involve taxiing the shuttle long distances… whereas White Sands results in grit in unfortunate places all over the shuttle surface.

No idea if those were even true, or just weird space camp legend, but for some reason they and some of the other historical stories of the space program stick out most strongly in my memories of the experience. I’m sure I got a turn in the multi axis trainer, but I actually don’t remember it.

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I went to space camp for Star Trek’s 30th anniversary. I did the spinny thing, too, and thought it was a HOOT!

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I think adult space camp has a nice ring to it.

I was there at parent-child Space Camp with each of my daughters, two of the best weekends of my life.
The multi-axis trainer was intense, but my favorite was the 1/6 G simulator.
The mission role playing sessions were a lot of fun.
At least back then (mid -90’s) there was an adult space camp, so you should look into that.

I found a business in texas called space industries inc started by max faget the guy who was on the payroll of nasa that had a space frame exerciser available I think but there is no sign of that business now but that was back in the nines and tezzs

post edit : the manufacturer was heart rate inc

Pretty sure the gift shops have freeze-dried ice cream. Entirely sure I’d rather have Dipping Dots or the little cups they serve in the Crew Galley. Yeah, I’ve been there a couple times, what tipped you off?

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