IBM's corporate songbook from 1937


Maybe this is what’s wrong with corporate America today. Not enough rhymes. Everything else flows from this.

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This is even more disturbing when one considers that, when these songs were written, IBM was selling tabulating machines to the Nazis for the Holocaust.

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Thomas Wilson?? Hardly … try Thomas Watson.

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“There’s a feeling everywhere of greater things in store…”

My Dad showed me one of the .mid files to match this hymnbook back in the 90’s.

COMPTROLLER? Is it like a professional computer troll?

Perhaps in alternate 2014, IBM is now a subsidiary of BiffCo.

This calls for a bit of Stan Rogers’s “White Collar Holler” (from a Xerox programmer’s perspective rather than IBM, but still.)

No, it’s actually frightening in real life: an accountant with real authority.

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It could be worse. It could be an economist.

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Who said anything about worse? Terror can be terrific.

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“Hollerith erfasst”

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