In this 1967 IBM training video, the Cookie Monster eats a talking computerized coffee machine


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If you enjoyed this (and why wouldn’t you?) you’ll also enjoy Henson’s coffee commercials:


I can’t imagine how this would be used for an IBM training video. What exactly is this supposed to teach?


Some “training” videos only exist to reinforce the loyalty of the workers. Remember the flap when the IRS appropriated the Starship Enterprise?


Don’t eat the hardware.


He knew that there were cookies hidden there somewhere.


Looks like this was one of at least three, collected here—first two are different, first Rowlf then Kermit.

I would not have guessed that '60s IBM would have had such a sense of humor about itself


These corporate “training meetings” used to have a LOT more entertainment value than we would ever suspect today. See also: corporate musicals:


Centuries later:

Also, Cookie Monster with teeth is quite the sight.


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