ICE and the DEA have secretly hidden cameras in some streetlights


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Knowing what goverment contractors like to charge, 50k gets them, what, 7 cameras between the two agencies?

While I am exaggerating, I kind of feel better knowing the relatively tiny amount of surveillance that can go on for 50k. Even if we are talking off-the-shelf netgear wifi cameras that is only ~500 which would only cover about 17% of Chicago.



Kinda my first thought too.


Eloquent, clear and knowledgeable.

She is a pleasure to listen to.

I think if we make Machiavelli’s writings into an attractive and simple to grasp comic, the nation would be better off.


Came to say the same thing, except I don’t think you’re exaggerating.


If the “procurement data” is complete, which is unlikely. :unamused:


Two words: spray varnish. You blur the heck out of the image the camera sees, while barely reducing the brilliance of the streetlight.


Some kind of spray Vaseline? Make everything look soft and nonthreatening so that the watchers will calm down.


Normally I’d agree, but the varnish is much harder to remove.



It makes sense, whenever I nearly get busted by the cops and I throw my cocaine out into a dark field as soon as they let me go for lack of evidence I go look for it under the nearest streetlight because I can’t see anything where I threw it.


When I read once as a kid that the entire Atlantic was basically wired for sound (for submarines, I guess) I wondered how many people lost at sea get noticed and ignored rather than helped.


Great, I’m glad we’ve crossed lines of privacy specifically for the two most useless law enforcement agencies.


Also the two most racially-targeted agencies.


At first I assumed this was Scarfolk. Sadly, it isn’t.


Softcore surveillance.


criminals will continue to avoid well lit places



Speaking of Orwell, some historical trivia: