Icelandic Pirates soar: citizenship for Snowden?



I would join a large formation to help fly him there.
I say large formation because everyone knows how often important or key officials and personalities are lost in unexpected single engine aircraft crashes right before important testimony.
I would hate for some agency or another to be able to splash the transporting airplane without witness and easy and plausible single target ID, just so that there would not be unneeded paranoid conspiracies like surround Assange.
Unfortunately I believe Icelandic air defense is 100% rotating NATO provided without any local Icelandic participation so no armed escorts for the formation, and potential enemy aircraft in the air over the whole flight including Iceland airspace. For a laugh maybe the Russians could send along some Mig-29s if you are an early Clancy fan.(Red Storm Rising)


If the local government can’t dictate which country flies on that day, at least they could probably leak the roster. If France is on duty, all clear.

not up to date but…

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