Ideal Boy, An: Charts from India


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Adding this to my wish list!
(BTW - the lowest price on Amazon is $25, not $7.)


It has been a LONG time, but I recall that Archie McPhee sold those posters. Actual ones from India. (Along with other cool stuff, like 20 year old cereal premium toys found in a warehouse, or unwanted unlamented DUNE action figures, or busts of Chinese Red Army generals.)


That’s also how they tried to teach me Hindi and Punjabi in 6th grade from illustrated elementary school books which is why I know a bunch of nouns but no grammar.


That last one… the ideal boy hands over “lost” children to the cops.


Someone who can learn this art style could have a lot of spoofy fun.

Indian ex-pats of a certain age might be the best for the job.


The Bad Habits sample reminded me of Goofus and Gallant for some reason.


“Animals & Their Eatables”

I love that title.


The style sort of fits in with so-called Outsider Art, but without the whiff of possible psycho-social ‘issues’.


I definitely have all those down, definitely.


This encourages snitching on the ideologically “lost”; it also normalizes martial law.


Funny you should say that




a store well worth going to visit if one is in that neck of the woods.


Thiruvalluvar. Yeah, a real great philosopher. Please.



The one I will never forget illustrated several old parables with the moral printed under them.

The moral for The Fox and the Grapes was “Grapes are sour.”

I think somebody didn’t quite understand the point of that story.


So the donkey’s natural “eatable” is homework?


You are knowing that I am not knowing that your are kindly doing the needful


The Ideal Boy is missing a part.


It’s a great book, full of beautiful charts.
I know the French version, they translate and replace all the titles and cations !

edit : cation = captions