Identify this mysterious animal skeleton

[quote=“sebwiers, post:15, topic:29021”]Cat but I’m surprised the bones are all in one place.

Probably that’s how they were shit out by the AT-AT cat house.


Ha ha! It’s funny because BB just posted a photo of a human skeleton. Silly Millie!

Nowhere near as freshly killed, though. Presumably, anyway.

As Marktech pointed out, your reading skills need work, bro.

Good lord. How can you call something that has been dead so long that it’s now just a skeleton as “freshly killed”. I also don’t see anything graphic about a skeleton - human, cat, newt, or otherwise. A pic of a bunny on the side of the road with it’s guts hanging out and I could see your point. But bleached bones on forest floor? o_0


I’m thinking that a photo of a twisted human skeleton in the exact same context would be handled more delicately.

Anyway, I also think my basic point still stands.

“Freshly killed” and “skeletonized” don’t usually go together in my mind.

And my basic point still stands, too: it’s funny that they posted a people bones just as Millie was complaining about how there’d be a warning if they posted a people bones. C’mon; gotta admit that’s funny, right?

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“Skeletonization” can take under a day for a large mammal. I deal with a lot of deer carcasses, an our local ravens and buzzards clear them to about the same stage as that photo in under a day.

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Don’t worry.  It’s really Schrödinger’s cat so it’s also still alive.


It was un til Cory observed it.


Ol’ Petey.

Less dismissively, if we begin to add NSFW tags to images of something that can be seen in any supermarket, by the side of any road, or during any walk in the woods, then we’re bubble-wrapping our existence—isolating ourselves from the natural processes of the world—to a ridiculous degree. My response to finding a desiccated frog in the woods is rather different from my response to finding a decomposing child would be, and I daresay that’s the way it should be. Ditto for photos of same.


Clearly it’s a chupacabra.


Until you check the tags it both was and was not Schrödinger’s cat.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken

So true, we are animals too.

Wait, don’t animals eat other animals?!
Oh shit, hide!

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Obviously, it’s a dead Kappa.

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