Identify this mysterious animal skeleton




I think it's a monkey of some kind.


Of dead kind.


it could be a cat


Scale would be helpful. I'm thinking squirrel.




non-petrified cardiff giant (juvenile)


Probably, a cat... I've noticed some typical teeth there...
It is definitely a mammal...


It's a house cat. The teeth and feet give it away.


Loch Ness Monster


Skeletal anatomy clearly identifies this as a cat - no mystery; skull, teeth, claws, feet, hair on feet, shoulder blades, ah heck, all of it says cat. Not looking it's best that's for sure.


Not mysterious but it makes me sad. Looks like a cat to me. Poor thing.




Am I the only one who's read Singularity by William Sleator? Check the area for signs of a very localized temporal disturbance.


Cat, but I'm surprised the bones are all in one place. Whenever I come across them, they are usually scattered over many square feet. The teeth can be really tricky to find. (I sometimes take the skulls home, clean and articulate them,)


I know this one. It's a puzzle from 'The Dig'
It looks kinda like a turtle.


I don't think we can rule out human remains. It could very well be the bones of a white blond haired blue eyed kidnapped little girl. Get Nancy Grace on the horn. I suppose she could use another one of these stories.


This is not a wonderful thing.


Some kind of Pokemon...


I think the world will be a better place when (and if) we can treat such graphic imagery of freshly killed animals like we would those of freshly killed humans. I think it's wrong that one is considered worse than the other, and usually forbidden, or marked NSFW or "disturbing." We're animals too. The sooner we accept that and extend the respect we pay to human animals to other ones too, the better off we'll all be.