What is this deeply weird humanoid corpse washed up on an Australian beach?

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Yikes! It’s a drop bear. A sight to bring fear loathing and dread to a legion of backpackers. We toljaso.


Reminds me of the Montauk Monster, which I believe most experts identified as a raccoon. Where is Art Bell when we need him?



I think I saw this episode of X Files already. . . it’s some kind of flatworm that lives in the sewer and morphs into a humanoid, right?


Clearly it’s the second river under-bridge-dweller in the week. It’s an infestation!


came to chime in on montauk monster. got Art Bell bonus! thanks!


You and I have very different definitions of humanoid.


Right? Four limbs, sure, but that’s about as far as it goes.


Anything without fur qualifies as humanoid, huh? Find the animal whose head is WAY more delicious than its body and this mystery is solved.


hint all “mysterious freaky weird” animals that wash up on the beach only look freaky and weird because they lost all their fur… #clickbait

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It’s a dog. I have seen a very similar washed up animal about 10 years ago. If they didn’t purposefully crop off the front of the skull you would see the canines and compare the shape better.

Paging @Bobo. I bet he can confirm.

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Something ate its face, to keep the mystery alive no doubt.


vowed to buy a chicken parmigiana for whoever could explain definitely what it was.

Fierce competition for top prize?
Apparently it wasn’t Murdoch, the chicken would be cold by the time it arrived here anyway.

So much of our animal identification skills depend upon seeing their fur/feather coat

(and yes, a bear skeleton resembles in many ways a human skeleton)


Doesn’t look like a waterlogged dog. Tail’s too long for the body, and “fingers” (at least what’s left) are too long, and curve too much. This is an animal that climbs trees.

Dog skulls vary hugely, but they all have oversized PM4’s which this animal doesn’t seem to have.

Also, even though decomposing, forelegs look too big. Again, like a climbing animal.

I’m not an Aussie, so I haven’t seen decomposing brush tailed possums, but that seems reasonable.
It’s got to be a small animal like that, unless Australia have ridiculously large flies…


It is rather funny how the rest of the animal is untouched.

As an aside the face/head has some pretty good eating. Tuna cheeks and forehead are hands down the best part of the animal. Pork jowls are also tastier than any other cut.

Humanoid? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

To put this into context, Queensland is Australia’s Florida.

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The Clown finally began his coup…


Yep. The location [Australia] and the prehensile tail are what gives it away. It obviously drowned during molting season, hence the lack of fur… looks like a Floridian Face-Eater got to it, though.
Don’t know if it was pre or post mortem, but FFEs don’t care.

He’s as close as the nearest Ouija Board.

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