Mysterious sea monster photographed on Georgia shore


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I know people hated Jar Jar, but they’ve gone too far!


I ate that very same thing at a Sushi Bar last night.


It looks like part of a plant to me. Would be helpful to know the scale, too- it looks like you could pick it up in one hand to me, which I’m pretty sure you can’t do to a basking shark.


somewhere there is a school of groupers hovering around a dead dog’s body postulating what strange mythical creature it could have been.




Yep, I can remember seeing similar-looking seaweed washed up all through my childhood beach trips. If I’m right, it’s as tough as leather and has big air bladders. I never did know what it was called.


Neat! I didn’t realize we had any crytidsmyths on the GA coast! Cool!


… and then threw it up for the photo?


I think it’s Kevin.



And wtf is this “body seems unclear” bullshit…


Needs banana for scale.


I appreciate the opportunity to consider how amazing frilled sharks are.

“In the most recent of those 80 million years, the frilled shark has been scaring the bejeezus out of humans who pull it out of the water to find an animal with rows of needle-like teeth in a gaping mouth at the front of its head.”


No, it’s Becky.


Nice nightmare fuel, that.


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