"Mysterious blob" is guts


I like how the title is “Mysterious sea blob flummoxes Provincetown artists” - the subtitle should read “Woods Hole scientists unimpressed by blob of innards”


The quotes are adorable. Are those really artists, or just stoners?


I was walking on an Outer Banks beach at midnight when I saw loops and coils of something faintly glow-in-the-dark at my feet. Expecting it to be some kind of safety rope, I turned on my flashlight…and saw about twenty pounds of intestines. I’m not sure whether the patchy glow came from bioluminescent bacteria or dinoflagellates enjoying a meal or some squid the whatever-it-was had eaten, but it was surely a startlement.

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I had a similar experience on a trip to a mountain riverside with a biology class studying the local ecology. Everyone was busy sketching local plantlife and birds and I spot what is clearly part of a corpse on the riverbank, but I can’t make heads nor tails of it. Even the professor had trouble with it for a few minutes until he realized it was a distended deer stomache, in retrospect clearly left behind by a local hunter “cleaning” a kill.

Corpses are weird, even more so when they’re in pieces.


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