Idiots ignite fireworks shelves inside a Walmart

“Idiots” ignite fireworks shelves inside a Walmart

sowing the seeds of discord in a store with a business plan that preys on local economies and employees? with the worse possible outcome being the burning of a Wal Mart?



With the exception of sparklers and fountains, which anyone age 16 or older may use or possess, all fireworks are illegal in Connecticut unless they are being used by licensed, professional pyrotechnicians putting on supervised displays at locations approved by state and local officials. (Certain toy pistols, toy guns, and toy pistol caps manufactured in accordance with federal regulations are exempt from the definition of fireworks and are not regulated.)

To be legal for consumer use, sparklers and fountains must be non-explosive and non-aerial and cannot contain (1) magnesium, except for magnesium-aluminum alloy, or (2) more than 100 grams of pyrotechnic composition or five grams of chlorate or perchlorate salts per item. If more than one fountain is mounted on a common base, the total pyrotechnic composition cannot exceed 200 grams (CGS § 29-357 et seq.).

An entity conducting a fireworks display must get a $100 permit from the state fire marshal. As a condition of getting the permit, the entity must have at least $1 million in liability insurance (CGS § 29-359). The operator of the display must get a $200 competency certificate from the fire marshal as well.

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Yeah, things were a bit different in the wet part of South Dakota when I grew up.

Around here, it’s displays in the supermarket and – especially, for the greatest selection – tents!

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Cleanup on aisle 4, Larry.


Last time I set off fireworks in a place like that, the blast blew one of those bouncy houses up into the power lines…


I… I don’t even know. Thank you, Youtube Frankenstein for protecting me from rocket-armed idiots!

(this will likely only make sense if you look up the last 4-5 comments I’d left)

I need a ranked list for BBS headline typification: Is an idiot better or worse than a gentleman?


Definitely should’ve been “gentleman.”


Oooohhhh, I know all about fireworks and driving I-90 through S. Dakota. I also know a guy who burned down part of a National Forest with fireworks (as a younger peson). I knew him in the USAF and he was 1) poor (b/c he owed something like $1M to the state of [somewhere in Western US]), and 2) a total and complete dumbass. He spent all of three hours working on aircraft when he was reassigned, permanently, to the tool crib (and he fucked that job up, too).

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Wow, I didn’t know you lived in a utopia!


Keeping all the explosives in a tent that sits apart from any other major structure makes a helluva lot more sense than stacking them all on a shelf inside a building where hundreds of people congregate to buy everything from ugly clothing to baby food.

Also, is that a shelf of lighter fluid at the end of the fireworks aisle visible at around 0:15? Hephaestus wept.


To be fair: There are two “Walmart neighborhood markets” in the area. They’re a Walmart grocery store; no other departments. I kind of doubt they have fireworks.

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