Idiots ignite fireworks shelves inside a Walmart


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Walmart. Fireworks. Arizona. Yep, trifecta.



This. This right here. This fucking shit.

#This is why we can’t have nice things!

Side note: Why are you taking video of an uncontrolled pyrotechnics fire? Why are you not moving in the opposite direction? Why? I don’t know what’s in those displays. My guess is it’s a bunch of thermite-based pyrotechnics and the danger of explosion might be limited, but I don’t know…


I thought it was nice to watch.

Wouldn’t want to be there in person…


Correction: idiots at Walmart stock shelves with fireworks.


It’s tough to get more American than that!


There’s no Walmart nearby, but for a New Yorker like me it is trippy walking into Target or Fred Meyer or the like and seeing displays of fireworks*.

Assholes involved in this are arsonists and should get drafted into a wilderness fire team. Just search 'em for matches beforehand.

  • California-style “Safe and Sane”; noisy and sparky but not boomy.


The store’s automatic sprinkler system consists of their entire stock of Mentos being dropped into their entire stock of Coke.


They stock guns too, fireworks shouldn’t be much of a stretch…except that they seem to have placed them directly adjacent to the stacks of lighter fluid…


Interestingly, you can buy fireworks at Walmart stores in Arizona.

It just may be the only reason to go to Arizona, methinks.


I would never vandalize a store like this. I would also not jump up and down with glee as the whole thing burned. I swear I wouldn’t.


I’m all for fireworks, but when you go to most of these fireworks huts in places like Nevada or Wyoming, they tend to be in fairly big spaces with very broad aisles with lots of natural light and several well marked exits. I can’t imagine having that sort of a fire hazard in a space that hard to get out of.


We can get there at the grocery store here in CT.

Not that the type of 'splosions are all that awesome – they’re typical grocery-store fireworks.


Tijuana is a few minute drive from my house. So everything that can be loosely misconstrued as a “firework” is sold on the streets there. I don’t abide any longer, but I did get a colossal close out deal while on Tequila Safari once, and I’m no longer welcome in Tijuana for that very reason. Bang Bang Bang…


I blame this on the gentrification of Burning Man.


Worse things have happened in Walmart.


I don’t see any signs saying to not light the fireworks…


Living as I do in a metro area where fireworks are illegal (except on the 4th of July when cops look the other way) I’d love to know what these are.


Likely things like sparklers and those black snake things, where you can demonstrate them or light them and hand them to kindergartners with adequate supervision.


Here in Virginia, it’s common to set up a temporary store in an intermodal container in a parking lot-- far from any buildings, for the sale of fireworks. I don’t know what Walmart does.