Ieshia Evans' arrest already "legendary" photo


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Do We Need Police? :police_car:

Pretty awesome shot.


News reports are indicating that her first name is Ieshia, not Leshia.


that riot gear is quite ridiculous, so over the top…and what is in all their FULL backpacks?


Snacks, lots of snacks.


Pokeballs. Duh. Haven’t you been keeping up?


to be fair, if I was there just a few days after Dallas I think I’d be wearing every bit of kit that was in the armory.

arrested for "obstructing traffic"

this made me smile, I’m nearly sure the phalanx of antiterror cops on the street are much more effectively hindering the traffic flow…

I like the image very much, it’s a powerful symbol for the peaceful protests* and leaves a mark - like Tank Man or the Swedish woman protesting against a right-wing march

* they exist! this is not an urban legend!


Historic. Anything I say takes away from this picture.


Except that armor is to deflect blows from rocks and clubs, etc. It won’t stop bullets.


Why? Even if you accept the need for an arrest (bullshit), there’s no justification for jailing anyone, let alone holding them overnight.

Petty vengeful intimidatory bullshit.


Agreed. It’s the problem in essences.


are you sure? here the equipment of the riot police* includes a ballistic vest

* are they for or against riots?


Pretty sure the hard plastic looking stuff on the outside is just that.

Under that I am sure they have their issued bulletproof vest, which is usually layered Kevlar. Depending on what level it is, it will stop hand gun rounds up to .44 magnum.

To stop RIFLE bullets, you need a hard ballistics plate (usually a ceramic composite, or a heavy hardened steel plate). These are slipped into a vest that has a holder for a plate in the front and back.

They might have those, it is hard to tell.


Shall we take over this thread with talk about the minute details of police gear, in response to a post that’s actually about the already-iconic actions of a brave woman? Oh, I know – let’s somehow steer this thread toward yet another gun debate, yay!!


Well feel free to flag anyone who comments on aspects of the photo you personally don’t find interesting. It simply wouldn’t do to let people have their own opinions on what topic is under discussion.


:wink: ugh, you ruined it.


In 30 years our children and our grandchildren will ask us:

How will we answer :grey_question:


wait, what color is that dress!?!


“They’re employees of the system of racist brutality that has controlled Louisiana from the day it was founded. That system has always involved a great deal of fear, because the people who benefit from it are terrified that one day they may have to face justice for what they’ve done.”