If Santa had a raunchy Netflix comedy special


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So, basically Dice.


Not that far off the quality of some of the standup specials they’re commissioning these days…


I’m absolutely and genuinely shocked that you would think such a thing.

Not because you’re wrong, but because I’m pretty sure there’s only like fifteen people who even remember who Andrew Dice Clay is, and five of them are related to him.


Playing a character actor on Conan is one of my dream jobs.


Everybody who was alive in the 80s and vaguely aware of comedy knows who he is…


Well, the joke is dead now, so - Yeah, no shit. The dude had his own show on Showtime, and recently won a reasonably popular reality TV show, of course people know who he is. It was a sarcastic comment about how until roughly this year, his career was all but dead, and he’s largely faded from the public memory and into complete irrelevance along with most of the other shock comics. To the shock of many I’m sure, I don’t actually have an accurate census of how many people remember or give a shit about Andrew Dice Clay.


Not viewable in Canada (without VPN contortions). Meh.


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