Louis C.K. just released a new 'surprise' web show with Steve Buscemi

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Advertising is based on one thing, happiness.


Alan Alda and two of my favorite funny lookin guys!


I really liked it, Alan Alda and Steve Buscemi were great. Reminded me of those statgey things the BBC used to do in the 70s (like Abigail’s Party).

Liked Kurt Metzger’s line about Trump, ‘that should be his slogan: Trump, let’s get this shit over with’. lol.

Weird that there was literally zero information about it when he sent the e-mail out, googled it and got nothing at all aside from a link on reddit with no other info at all.

It says episode 1, so I wonder will there be more? Seems like a fairly self contained thing.


Probably testing the waters. Don’t want to leave too many loose ends if the show doesn’t pick up enough interest.

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Friends of Boing Boing itis strikes again: I guess we’re supposed to totally ignore all those sexual assault claims about him, because he’s not an Oath Keeper / copyright enthusiast / Burning Man reseller / Midwestern high school principal?

Dude’s gross, stop marketing his shit.

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lot’s of things are gross. Do you have other sources for your allegations of violent behavior?

I do not believe I am doubting reflexively, but ordinary claims require ordinary evidence, and that article is fairly thin.


If you can provide evidence other than an unsubstantiated anonymous rumour from a website that deserves no respect then maybe we could take these claims seriously.


Well - I now have a short list of people who can help me hide a body. These guys can keep secrets.


Thanks for the heads up Xeni

Much more like a play than a show but the performance by Alan Alda is worth double the price of admission. Also Jessica Lange and Steve Buscemi are terrific.

I hope they get enough support to make more.

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