Skeletor insulting his minions




No Frank Langella? It’s been a few years but I’m pretty sure the live-action Skeletor was just as insulting as the cartoon one.


I think he’s mellowed since then.


He has to be the model for the Monarch! Or did all my childhood villains sound like that?


I’m impressed he can even pronounce “wimp-lash” without the benefit of lips.


I love the not-so-subtle seat belt reminder—even supervillans buckle up!


of course, need the He-Man LMFAO mashup here…


Ha, he sounds like a crotchety old man.


Sounds like Skeletor’s channeling Jon Lovitz.



If it’s shallow, pointless, and only funny to rich white males, and it’s on Boingboing, you can bet it’s from Rob “I shit on people” Beschizza! Go Rob! Another excellent turd from your limitless repertoire!


I like how there was a nice “Video Link” in the lower-right corner of this post! Unfortunately the link just led back to and was thus of limited utility.


Michael Chertoff is still working aside from amassing his fortune with naked airport scanners. I did not know that.


I owe it all to Wheaties.


Somebody needs to synch the audio of this to footage of Boehner / McCain bitching about tea baggers.



And they peed on in his rug!


He’s no Shakespeare.


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