If The Office wasn't a comedy


Huh? There are still jokes, it’s just badly edited.


Meh. I expected them to go in a much darker direction. Could have really had fun with Michael’s management, without the humor.

I swear I’ve seen this done better, but all I can find is “The Office” mashed up with “Breaking Bad”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg4JPIiOLfE

I was spoiled by watching the UK version of The Office first. After seeing the UK version, I couldn’t even get through the first couple episodes of the American version.

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what did i just watch? it’s terrible.


hmm… so much promise…

I want a version where “The Office” is a comedy, because I found the show uncomfortably close to an actual workplace. The show had less sexual harassment and cocaine.


In related news…

Aside: my mum grew up next door to Ricky Gervais. Apparently he was a little shit when he was a kid (shock!)

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I liked the UK version with its satire of life in the modern workplace. No, it wasn’t always funny in a laugh-out-loud sense (but sometimes was - “Freeway of Love”, anyone?), but had a much darker message about unfulfilled aspirations, our own failings, and a fundamental lack of fairness in our lives and relationships. I thought it was brilliant. Anyone who didn’t see their own character flaws regularly reflected back by the characters wasn’t watching.

It also launched Martin Freeman’s career, which ultimately gave us his great role in Fargo.


It got better. Then worse.

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…and by “Fargo” you mean “Sherlock”, right?

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No, Fargo. You didn’t think he was any good in Fargo? I really enjoyed it.

He was great in Fargo, I just didn’t like Fargo itself. I guess, I prefer the Coen brothers’ version.

I omitted all the jokes from this comment.


Oky Doky. I haven’t seen Sherlock, but will put it on my list. I was prepared to be disappointed by Fargo after such a great movie, but was very pleasantly surprised.

Sorry, I meant “Free Love Freeway”.

I haven’t seen Fargo, but I hope it isn’t the ultimate outcome of Freeman’s career anyway. He was even decent in H2G2 and The Hobbit!

And go watch Sherlock immediately. Or the first two series, anyway. The most recent one was a terrible disappointment (to me, at least).

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We have layers of denial around people Carell and Colbert’s laughable dopey narcissists. In real life, they are professional torturers who lock their staff into a reconstruction of their dysfunctional family. Being in their orbit is like being wracked with a terrible physical illness that comes with terrifying hallucinations (theirs).

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Seconded. Even the part about the third series of Sherlock.

“I omitted…this comment.”