If Trump tries to pardon his way out of trouble, it will make things worse for him

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Oh, good. Because President Spassky would never do anything that weakens his own position. 11-dimensional chess master, that guy.

Also, he can’t pardon Manafort while 10 of the charges are mistried, I don’t think. Also, state charges pending. Also, too, this trial didn’t even start to address the treason. There’s lots more to come.


What’s the over-under on when Trump will declare martial law? Just until he and Qanon can root out the deep state, you understand.


I think you’re right that Trump is making it easier and easier to take him down, but I have absolutely and perfect faith in my fellow liberals and democrats that we can fuck this up. We just need to get our heads just . . . a . . . little . . . further up our own asses! Come on guys, we can do it! (Seriously, god I hope this all ends with Trump spending time in a very small room without access to his golf clubs. I just don’t have a lot of faith in democrats right now – I’m from Illinois, what can I say).


How about “I hate Illinois Nazis”, for a start?


All true. Yet he’ll still lash out and do something stupid. It’s his nature.


Everyone knows by now that Trump can’t pardon state crimes, but keep in mind that lying on your federal taxes (convicted!) guarantees that you also lied on your state taxes that year (because the state return relies on the federal return as its basis).

The state case will now be a slam dunk.

And if he was heretofore unaware, Manafort, I’m sure, has been politely informed thusly by Mr. Mueller.


President Trump is in danger of snuffing out his candle in the first year of his presidency.

except its the second year of his presidency


'ol Jerry Ford pardoned Nixon for crimes he was never even charged with!

Not sure you can technically do that, but it was a signal that there would be no prosecutions tolerated…


…who are largely in agreement that pardoning Manafort would actually help prosecutors nail him to the wall that much faster.

If President Trump pardons subjects of Mueller’s investigation, they will be unable to claim their Fifth Amendment rights if they are asked to testify under oath. – Asha Rangappa, associate dean, Yale Law School

To Donald:

I soooooooo wanna see that sociopath dig his own grave. It would be the funniest shit ever.


serious questions, what does an “acting president pence” look like because he’s driven some scary policy himself

also don’t put it past trump to run for re-election anyway and we find out half the country will still vote for an all-but-convicted felon for president


so, I’m a passionate anti-agent orange kinda guy. all that said, as this proverbial noose tightens, I feel like I’m the only one that’s even more terrified of what could be.

let’s face it, for all the braggadocio and bluster, drumpf just isn’t all that effective, due to his refusal to work existing paradigms to get his agenda across. also, he clearly has no underlying and unifying ideology. he’s a loose cannon that occasionally hits a target by accident.

our veep, however, Mikey with the bad hair, both has a terrifying ideology, and the political know how to actually achieve the agenda. this is a horrifying proposition. why does this not seem to be a point of consideration? I feel like when we get to the point of president pence establishing national gay conversion centers, mandatory prayer in school, and actually figuring out a way to make immigration illegal ,we might yearn for the comical inneffectiveness of comrade drumpf…


like a stupid scorpion?


great minds, apparently…


But less cuddly.


Acting President Pence looks entirely un-reelectable.


He’s extremely effective at being a cult of personality. He exudes that sort of mob-boss mentality: fall in line, do what I say, kiss the ring, and you’ll keep your job and get rich. He’s obviously a moron who’s being puppeted by Putin, but no matter how much they hate him, the GOP congress refuses to speak against the guy, because he’s Trump.

Pence is not a moron. He’s driven, he’s smart, and he’s got a direct checklist of targets. But he has zero charisma and no “hand”. He may be more effective in some ways as a president, should that happen, but he won’t have Congress afraid to speak up like Trump does.


I dunno… I’ve heard lots of people say he was basically a failing Governor… I mean, who would be desperate enough to sign on to Trump’s campaign in the first place? He saw a chance to get on the national stage, something he could never do on his own. If Trump goes down, he will lucky if he can make it through the remainder of the term.


I suspect that in the end Pence will be caught up in the web of insanity that DT has woven for himself. Somewhere in all this he became complicit, and when/if the shit really hits the fan, he will not be in office either.

Of course, we are always one bad terrorist attack away from permanent martial law, so we can safely assume that Trump and (more importantly) the sociopaths who are using him are really hoping something like that will happen before the fall.


On another site we asked some lawyers and they said that as long as the alleged crime in question is against the United States and has already occurred (no preemptive pardons) the President has the power to do it.