If you are anywhere near Tokyo you must go to teamLab's Borderless exhibition

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How long would you say it takes to go through the exhibit at a leisurely pace? I’m going to Tokyo (in 2 days!) and that’s right near Miraikan (the Science/Innovation museum) - so I’m wondering if the two together would be doable in a day??


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You could certainly do both in a day, but I’d allocate most of your time in the TeamLAB exhibit – it’s amazing. Miraikan is cool, but you could get through it in a hour or two. You can easily spend as many hours as you want at TeamLAB.

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Went to this last month and it’s mind blowingly amazing – a definite must visit. Many of the exhibits are hidden so you have to explore, which adds to the whole experience. Get some tea at the tea house too!

FYI: this is supposed to be a permanent exhibit so I don’t think it closes Sept 30th. In fact you can buy tickets for October right now.

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Far out! Dig

A smaller but nonetheless impressive version in Paris art thé Grande Halle de La Villette untel Sept 9th. https://www.teamlab.art/fr/e/lavillette

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Great - it’s a plan! Thanks for the info!

I spent 3 hours, because I kept going back to rooms as the exhibits changed (it’s worth doing that) and I stopped for tea in the tea house. Of note: I did not get into two of the exhibits because the lines were ridiculously long (this was about 2 weeks after it opened). And … I spent half an hour coloring a sea horse for the underwater display on the second floor. :slight_smile: (and yes, it’s a permanent exhibit, so not closing any time soon). There is a smaller exhibit in Toyosu, apparently, but it does not allow the free wandering that the Odaiba one does. That one runs until 2020, apparently.

I was in Paris earlier this year and remember adverts for this. Now I hate myself for not going there.

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