The best way to get tickets for Miyazaki's Ghibli Museum in Japan

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I don’t remember JTB being substantially higher than buying at lawsons. However this was 14 years ago and I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of navigating the japanese menus plus the chance that the date I want would not be available.

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I was really hoping it would begin something like

1 - Befriend a kindly old antique dealer…


You Must Visit.


And if you can do it by May 2017, there are two Catbuses - one solely for young children to play in and a second for adults to sit in.

We booked via JTB three months ahead and even then had a slightly restricted range of available dates, but it was pretty much the first thing we booked so were able to build an itinerary around it.

Again just my own experience, but I think the article overstates the difficult of getting to Mitaka - it took ~20 mins by metro from Shinjuku (Google says 34 min from ‘central’ Tokyo) then a 10 min walk to the museum.

We didn’t join the long queue for the main cafe, but there’s also a kiosk and, contrary to the article’s suggestion, visitors are allowed to eat their own food on the terrace.

Edit: we visited last month (Nov 2016).


When my family and I in the US went nine years ago you had to get tickets well in advance and thru an agent. Great that there are easier and cheaper options now. While in Japan our hotel concierge told us we could get local bus tickets and other useful stuff at a place called “Rosen” and gave us directions. It was just around the corner but it took us a second (and had a laugh) when we saw the sign with the actual store name: Lawson! (btw–do you still get a few actual movie frames from a Miyazaki film with your physical ticket?)

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Yes. Exactly like those, though we didn’t get anything I recognise.

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Was there in October and still got movie frame tickets.

I was shocked how looooong the line was at the museum store … for severely overpriced stuff (even by Japanese standards) … 170$ for a t-shirt ???

The best way to get tickets for Miyazaki’s Ghibli Museum in Japan

To have No Face nudge you and offer them up.

Oh, it’s not a question.


There are two main methods: cleaning the body of a river spirit, or befriending a witch who cursed you


JTB all the way. We always get our Ghibli tix there.

The Lawson’s machines seem like a nightmare. I get that they are in Japanese by default – I don’t fault them that – they are in Japan, after all. But having to know the “L-code” of the month you want – that is just user-hostile no matter what language you know natively.

Went in August, left it a bit late but managed to get some on the Lawson website - was very straightforward.As Ministry says, train and a walk is quite straightforward - the neighbourhood is nice and the walk through the park very pleasant.

Guess you could try buying tickets from this guy:

But he didn’t seem that talkative…

We had 4pm tickets, got there bang on time and was more than enough time to explore until 6pm. Given that we had reached Mt Fuji summit that morning at 5am I think we did well to walk around as much as we did - oh my aching calf muscles :triumph:

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One thing that really makes this place usable is their total and complete ban on photography indoors. With nobody posing every five seconds, or parents having their kids pose next to Totoros or Catbuses, you can actually enjoy the museum, and it’s a wonderful experience. Watching parents desperate to snap a photo of their kids in the Catbus was an amazing sight.

Yes, but some of it is wonderful. I love my Ponyo laptop bag. Love it. I don’t remember how much it cost, but it was worth it.

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