Miyazaki visits the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo and draws some cute characters

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I want to presume this wasn’t his first visit?

Sadly, tickets were sold out when we were in the area last December. Guess I have an excuse for a return trip to Japan once we’re off the dark timeline.

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It’s obviously ingrained in him to survey and observe everything around him carefully. It must be as gratifying for him to see some of his drawings given physical form as it is for him to draw them. And I just can’t imagine how thrilled the staff was when he showed up.

The museum is definitely on my to-do list when I get to Japan.


One of the things I remember about the museum is that the website warns you not to try to go there by car, because it’s situated in a park, and there is no parking there, not even for staff. That is actually not a problem in Tokyo, which has excellent public transportation. It is so different from the U.S., where having a car is practically required in most cities.


Yes, my experience is that traveling by car anywhere in Japans major cities and prefectures is inconvenient. I really noticed this in Akihabara, the electronics and manga centre in Tokyo, the pedestrian lights last such a long time. People on foot are given priority to cars!

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