If you could choose to find out your death date, would you?

Doesn’t that also make Vince Vaughn YOUR doppelgänger?

Wait, does that mean we have a trippelgänger?

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Are you sure one of you isn’t Vince Vaughn? Have either of you ever seen the other in the room with him?


It means that one of them can rob a bank. The other two give him plausible deniability if not a fall guy.

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“Why WOULDN’T I want someone to spoil Game of Thrones in advance?”

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Who wouldn’t argue about Spoiler Alerts regarding whether or not that oncoming bus is gonna jump the curb and splatter you all over the entrance to that particularly embarrassing F-Street Bookstore you’ve just stepped out of?

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Oh, wait until you see the carnage at the Chartreuse Wedding…

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Heinlein - "Life-Line"

Yes, in a heartbeat. Then every day till that day I’d try something that should get me killed. It’s a no brainier.

…do I have to tell my insurance company?

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Hmm. I see one teeny-tiny flaw in the otherwise sterling plan:

Lifelong, crippling, debilitating, painful (but not immediately fatal) injury…


Meh, heroin.

Sez you now. We know you too well. You like gardening and building outdoor fireplaces wayyy too much to put up with feeding tubes, paraplegia, and daytime TV.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself!

(Which I’ve had to type out, since I’m still in like timeout.)


Okay, okay. I’d be careful, but I would pretend not to be!

(Wait, how is that different than what you already do?)

… shaddup.


Yes. At the very least so that I could do my laundry, tidy up the office, make sure all the upcoming bills are paid (instead of “I’ll do that tomorrow”), etc., so my wife won’t have to come home and deal with that. The most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen were widows or others trying to deal with what the deceased left behind. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

As a bigger picture though, I wonder, would it be only you who could know, or could others know without you knowing? (Like when you go for an ultrasound and they ask you whether you want to know the sex of your future baby.) If only you could know, then there would be a huge market for that data (both individually, and in anonymous aggregate). If others could know (with or without you knowing), it could have some weird effects. I can only imagine how it might affect suicide hotline workers and suicidal people…

This might be the first time I’ve actually listened through an entire podcast (without getting distracted and having to rewind several times and giving up). I don’t ‘have my shit together’. :expressionless:

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As another commenter said it was heinlein if its helpfull it’s in the man who sold the moon anthology

Here is life-line.

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