If you could choose to find out your death date, would you?


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No. Not even tempted. Next question?


I’d pick one a few days (or years) before I was born. That way I’d have to be alive long enough for humans (y’know, those folks who’d vote for Trump) to invent time travel.

I’d live forever.


You don’t get to choose the date, just to find out when it is.

I think there would be more mass shootings, as people chose to go out with ‘a bang’.


Or related, know how you’re going to die, sort of…


Of course the victims would know their demise as well and take “precautions”… This could get out of hand real quick!


I believe there was an Arthur C. Clarke story about that. A man invented a machine that could follow your timeline in the 4th dimension or something. It quickly put insurance companies out of business. In the end I think most people chose not to know. (I think the inventor changed his mind about the machine when a young couple came in for a reading and
he thought it was incorrect because it said they would both die the same day. They got run over after leaving the office).


If I was > 80 years old I would, at that point it could only help.


Robert Heinlein: Life-Line.


Fuck no.


No, because Oedipus shows that causality is a dick.


Hell no. I’ve thought up it often though. If I did know, then after accomplishing a few historical achievements, I’d use my last few weeks to heavily indulge in a range of high quality illegal drugs.




But then, the question becomes, would you have died if not for the illegal drugs?


D’oh! I guess I’m older than I think I am. Timor mortis conturbat me, eh.


100% yes. Contribute to my 401k or travel the world? Quit smoking or fuck it? Pay for health insurance or take up extreme sports?



Oh heavens no. I can’t even bring myself to look up my profile on “ratemyprofessors.com


It’s not so bad. I just looked it up for you and one of the reviews says " Vince Vaughn is his doppelganger."

Russian face-recognition app "may bring end to public anonymity

Sure. I always prefer to choose knowledge over ignorance, especially if the knowledge doesn’t require a whole hell of a lot of effort to acquire. If I knew I was gonna crap out a half-hour from now, I’d find something better to do than stand here in my office finishing this post.

I’m gonna die someday, maybe soon. If I can find out when (and I’m assured that nothing I can do will change the date), then I’d blithely schedule my affairs to get my shit together and enjoy what remains to me.

Living without knowing means you really gotta live every day as if it’s your last, and I tellya, you can’t properly do that and keep the bills paid.


I’m afraid I might find out that it happened years ago.