If you have Airpods Pro and they fall out of your ears, try this

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That Apple continues to convince people that they are design geniuses continues to amaze me. Items that cost two hundred and fifty clams that need to be modified before they can perform their function reliably are not well-designed.


Highly recommend Comply replacement foam tips. Pricey but worth it

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Any technology that requires the regular use of an ear hair trimmer is easily distinguishable from magic


Or get the PowerBeats Pro. They’re not perfect, but they’re pretty good.

Rather like flashy phones that have to be put into a special case so they dont break

Are you somehow implying that any product from Apple is not perfect in every possible way? Sounds like heresy. Clearly, if the design causes them to fall out, your ears are to blame and need to be replaced with Apple-approved versions – available now at your nearest Apple Store and Surgery Center.


Your ears are clearly incompatible with the new model, and you need to upgrade—your ears—to conform to the new specification.

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I looked there. They don’t have Samsung Galaxy S20 5G AKG earphone tip replacements.:frowning:

I think the string concept is much more reasonable.


This is yet another of your schemes for marketing string, isn’t it.


In that, though, they’re no different to many earphones manufactured by a whole range of different companies, and I’ve never managed to make any of those simple, mushroom-shaped eartips fit in my ears. The ones that do are triple-flanged tips, like those supplied by MeeAudio for their range of earphones and canalphones.
The other big advantage of triple-flanged eartips is their ability to block out most background noise, just like industrial hearing protectors - while I’m not that interested in these earphones, if someone were to make a triple-flanged eartip set for them I might reconsider.

You have made my point exactly. The company with “insanely great industrial design” should not be making things “no different” than other makers. They should already know about triple flange designs, and be using them, if they are so much better. Their current design seems to depend on what I can best describe as “slight friction and gravity” to hold their Pods in place.

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