If your AirPods keep falling out, these accessories may just change your life

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Finally! Cords for my wireless earbuds!


I never lose my earbuds anymore. I use the:

iStaple ®

They’re only $99 a pair, proprietary, and if you lose one, the replacement is only $129!
Sure, there are drawbacks. Now shut up and get in line.


Wow. The bar for life-changing devices sure has gotten low. I can’t wait for my next box of life-changing paper clips… “If your copy paper keeps falling out, these accessories may just change your life”


If I’ve already changed my life by reversing the direction of my fan, will these just change it back again?


Maybe it’s time to downgrade?



They may sound great (I wouldn’t know) but AirPods really jumped the shark for me when the clip-on cords to join them together came out (so you won’t lose them when they fly out of your ears, or merely want to hang them around your neck). It also doesn’t help that they look like you stuffed a couple of bent cigarette butts in your ears.

For significantly less money I can get headphones OR earbuds, wired or not (whether just to each other or also to a jack) with significantly better sound, better ergonomics/fit, better charge endurance, active noise canceling – if desired – and (imo) better aesthetics. And it won’t look like I’m trying a bizarre method to quit smoking -.-’.

Edit → And before anyone says, “They just work,” yeah, well, so has every other Bluetooth headphone I’ve owned, especially with phones (Windows certainly can have issues from time to time :wink:). I can assure you, however, that the vast majority of Bluetooth headphones/headsets out there will also “just work” with your iPhone, just as AirPods do.


do their job with little fuss and a lot of style

{{citation needed}}


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