If you need to wear a face covering, it may as well be a cool one

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Let’s face it.
If you are spending so much on a fashion statement mask, you probably are not going to want to throw it away.
You probably won’t wash and sanitize it properly, nor as often as it should be.

On the other hand, good N95 disposable masks or half-face masks with dual N100 filters actually work properly (keeping virus out).
A good N95 mask or N100 filter can be cleaned with spray Isopropyl Alcohol or sterilized with UVC light.
A good disposable surgical mask is better than a fashion statement mask.
Don’t get me wrong, a fashion statement mask is probably better than no mask at all.

You can make a beautiful statement of science by wearing, cleaning, and properly donning/doffing.

There’s a protocol for donning -doffing masks, that many people are not aware of.


The word you’re looking for is ‘snood’.

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That’s Dustrial, right? From Boston?

I was just browsing his new looks the other day and wish listed a few things. I might be off but that is one of the three models on his site.

These things can be bought off eBay for about £3/$3, possibly even less, cheap enough to buy five or six to wear one a day then chuck it in the wash. A bit like socks, or underwear…

I want the camo one, but I don’t see it.

The Jimi Hendrix website has a line of masks with Hendrix designs. The profits go to some children’s hospital. Very cool especially if you’re an old guy that grew up with Hendrix dominating the air waves.

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From what I understand, it’s actually somewhat tricky to properly wear an N95 mask. During the hospital training for these masks, they use scented air. If you can smell the scent after you’ve donned the mask, you fail, and take the training again.

Apparently most people don’t get it right the first time, even after training, and lots of people need 3-4 tries (someone described it as “most boring day ever”).

Without the training and the scent test, most would never know that they’re not protected.

(Source: two blogs posts from medical professionals, so take it for what it’s worth)


I guess they couldn’t use the military gas mask training equivalent to drive home the lesson. :thinking:

(Get your mask on, then walk through a building where they’ve released a mild puke gas. If you get out the other side not puking, you pass!)


So it costs 4 or 5 times what many more effective masks cost, and it’s just one layer of stretch polyester. Not a good value, not a good mask.

Anything you can hold up and see light through is hardly going to filter your breath. These things look nice, but they need to be made out of something more substantial than a single layer of lycra.

I agree with the title, just not the product.
If you want a cool face covering that might actually protect you, and you can’t make them from old shirts yourself, look to Etsy or IG or FB marketplace. There are lots of people who used to work in the entertainment sector that make masks with interesting prints or upcycled tshirts and are selling them to make rent.

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