If you try to resell a face mask for profit in Japan, you could go to jail for a year

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Thanks for reminding me of how effed up Tokyo Ghoul can be with that header.

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He sold them at auction? As in, he set the starting price for them and people bid them up to whatever they felt like paying? Which is to say that the customers set the price. That doesn’t seem the same as price gouging to me.


Isn’t this over policing?
And I am being sarcastic

Price gougers are true scum, on par with phone scammers and medical quacks. Now if only governments would go after disaster capitalists with the same zeal they reserve for these bottom feeders.


you could go to jail

It’s probably more like “you will go to jail”.
Don’t do crime in Japan, kids…


What if I told you that “face mask” is redundant?


As hungryjoe points out, he sold them at auction, with a starting price of ¥1 so it is the result of mass hysteria rather than price gouging. However, he sold them through is personal account, not a business account so he can be classified as a reseller.

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The issue isn’t about one specific auction seller. Overall there have been many examples of actual price gouging on all the online marketplaces here. People offering masks for sale either at exorbitant pricing or at near normal prices with exorbitant shipping fees.

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And it rationalizes so well, doesn’t it. - “I’m only serving a market”.

I’d have to think about it for a while to be sure…

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