If you've ever wanted to play tag for a living, now you can

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This is more fun than I expected. Nice to see the culture of handshakes and hugs among the competitors.


If you think about it every zombie movie is basically a very high-stakes game of tag.


I would think enforcement would be difficult here. It’s difficult to detect a fleeting touch from an outside observation point, and it’s an easy thing to deny (either disingenuously or honestly not feeling it).

Seems like some sort of flag football-like mechanism or similar might be in order here. :thinking:

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There is a review system, if people disagree about a tag. Referees reviewing the footage in slow-mo. It’s not used much, because people generally seem to be honest about contact. I guess there would be a reputational cost to regularly falsely denying/claiming contact, magnified by the players all coming from the fairly small world of very high-level parkour enthusiasts.


Paint on the hands. (Might make some of the parkour moves a bit dangerous, though.) :wink:


I used to know a kid who would have been a pro at this. If there ever was a personification of greased lightning…

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