Happy Mutants Guide to Understanding Football


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Football should be the official sport of BB. Other than maybe NASCAR, I can’t think of another sport that requires more strategy. At least half of football is the strategy - what plays to run and when.


Thankyou, that made me very very happy. (And I like football too.)


Until today I had never seen this movie scene; now it’s everywhere. I ain’t mad about it :grin:






Dating? :wink:


It’s not a sport, it’s a hazardous gambling.


something something balls close to the end zone?


Point taken.


Not really a sport… it’s a game.

Esports aren’t sports either.

You people who think love is a game and you’re just a playa make me sick.


And also @Mister44 - two words: Strategic Butts.


You know me, I like tactical butts.


I’m confused. That video doesn’t show football.


sure it does, interpretatively




I guess there are times when displaying ignorance proves you’re cool.


The time not wasted on sportsball can be spent on something useful or at least fun (or both).

…of course then everybody wants to talk about sportsball and the thing oozes even to news, like if it is something important…


Ridiculous. Football is a contest to see who gets to engage in a number of baptismal rites. The winning team begins the ceremony by pouring a large container of the sacrament known as “sports drink”, which the players partake of throughout the contest, over the head of their appointed leader, known as “coach”. Then, in a more intense ceremony, the winning players retire to the room of lockers, where they soak each other with copious amounts of bubbly alcoholic beverages.


I’m still trying to figure out how the opening coin toss was won by Hillary Clinton.