Chagrin Falls, USA: "QuarterVax Sneak"

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i am thinking this would be funnier to me if i understood football. or any sportsball. [EDIT: not that i don’t think it’s funny! it is. just suspect i’m missing part of the overall humor]


Um, I need more data.

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 7.42.48 AM

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From what I can tell from this side of the Atlantic, American Football is a way of keeping people occupied between advert breaks.


yes, that’s pretty much what i have determined, too. the content is more commercials and standing around than anything substantial.


True! And what with all the strategizing and rearranging of the player regiments, the total time of play ends up being what, 3 minutes?

Overall, while I do understand the game’s rules, I find it boring as all get out.

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