Iggy Pop has a parrot named Biggy Pop


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:metal:Iggy is a leftie.:metal:

I learned something this morning and can now safely go back to bed...


My opinion of him just went up two full notches. It takes a special kind of empathy and loving heart to keep a cockatoo happy like that, and it is a lifelong commitment - they are highly social, curious, eternal 3-year olds, and it’s all too easy for a household parrot to become neurotic and nasty if not sufficiently loved and stimulated.


Biggy Pop is cool, but…not lots of ocelots?


“I’ve definitely kept a cockatoo happy in my day.” (WINK)


If Snoop Dogg had an agility dog, would he name it Hoop Dogg?


Katy Perry has (or had) a cat named Kitty Purry.


He should be more careful - he’ll catch the death of cold.


I’ve always wondered what kind of lifestyle one would have to maintain to be able to responsibly care for such a creature. Independently wealthy rock star seems to fit the bill.

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