Iggy Pop has a sextape with Neil Young?


at least that’s what they say at IGGYAZALEASEXTAPED.com

this chick is smoking hot and I bet she’s super-agile too when it comes to sex

wouldn’t mind seeing proof with my own eyes though


On first glance, I read this as Iggy Pop and Neil Young!


Me too. :smiley:

If only some idiot had been given the mysterious power to edit titles in order to get a cheap laugh from an otherwise pointless thread…




Spammer deleted… but not, in this instance, the spam.


This definitely has a place in a collection of wonderful things.


The 80’s were so weird.


Are you sure you’re not thinking of Bowie and Jager?


See, Neil Young and Iggy Pop feels improbable. Bowie and Jagger… yeah, that happened.

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