IKEA made a 25-minute ASMR video

I agree that the pleasurable and irritated responses to sound seem to be related. With certain sounds, I seem to be able to consciously switch between the two feelings. The pleasant feeling is better.

One would hope so.

I’ve never heard of being able to switch between ASMR and misophonia.

Also; your avatar is Little Nemo?

Yes, I identify with Nemo when he wakes up befuddled.

I’ve always experienced the tingly feelings and also had a strong revulsion to the sounds of people eating, and at some point (long before I ever heard of ASMR) I noticed that I could do a sort of mental adjustment and make those icky sounds give me the same positive feelings.

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Tooth sucking drives me round the bend. And unwrapping cellophane. I used to have difficulty unwrapping sandwiches in school because it was almost physically painful.

You have a rare ability then.

I love illustrations from that period; one of my favourite books was Loraine and the Little People, from 1915. It was probably one of my mother’s earliest books.

I haven’t heard of that book! I’ll look it up

I am a big fan of children’s illustrators, especially from that period. I have a few posts about chlildren’s books from different eras https://chawedrosin.wordpress.com/category/childrens-books/on my blog.

The way I got over my weird revulsion was to just think positive thoughts about the sound. Like: A person eating is a beautiful thing. They’re relishing their food. And just sort of willed myself to see it as a something lovely.

It might be harder with cellophane. But unwrapping something is a wonderful thing, usually, isn’t it?

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Is there another way? The problem is that dowels swell in humid weather, especially when they are sized to fit tightly without glue, as in IKEA furniture, and it can be hard to seat them completely. It’s even harder to take the furniture apart, and pulling at it can twist and damage the joint. A mallet makes it easy to apply force along the axis of the dowels.

But you obviously have enough experience to have a method that works. I accept that your reply was made in the absence of mallets. :wink:

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I will have to check out your blog when I get home; I’m at work and I don’t want to spend tooo much time doing non-work things.

Your positive thinking is an inspiration! :smiley:

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