Ikea Börder Wåll


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Umlauts make things better.


Well, only the first two pages are instructions. Then there are 11,998 pages of Constitutional arguments the lawyers made them include, in English and Russian.


Just ask Spinal Tap!

And the one little Allen wrench - perfect!


If I can get my Swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam after buying it, I’m good.


That’s a problem?


And Mexico will pay for it! I’m grabbing a cinnamon bun too.



Thank you for introducing me to Der Postillon. It’s appreciated. How did I miss it so long?


Don’t they have allen keys in Mexico too?


Shh! You’re going to spoil Ikea’s profit-making strategy:


Well, no IKEA allen wrenches anyway


Hahahahaha, that is the greatest thing ever.


Ümläüts mäkë thïngs bëttër?



(sorry about the “l”, UTF-8 has no Latin small letter L with diaeresis)


Why didn’t you just use a capital i?


I forgot this letter variant because it would have been cheating


And here is the counter to it, also available from the same warehouse (sling and counterweight sold separately)



… coming soon the “idiöt” 10.5m ladders.


haha! sooo much better!