Ikea's Death Star lamp


I’m trying to imagine the effect of covering the inside of one of these with tiny mirrored tiles, making it an inside-out disco ball. I think it could be awesome.


Okay, this is something I actually want. I like the idea of mirror-balling the inside, but I’d step it up to a color-changing LED bulb too. Whoop whoop!


And a motor to rotate the thing.


Yep, it was intentional:

",. My inspiration came from science fiction movies and video games, which I
like a lot. .“Designer David Wahl”

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49€ here. Will buy.

So it’s like The Death Star entirely in the fact that it is round.

I’m going to start calling anything spherical a Death Star now, regardless of whether it looks anything remotely like the Death Star. It’ll make sports commentary much more interesting.


Cricket for one would be hugely improved by the replacement of the ball with a tiny, but perfectly operational battlestation.


I’d say it looks more like something from Moebius, say the Incal strip, than anything Star Wars.


I think it is more of a Darth Vader chamber contraption lamp than a Death Star lamp.


Seems more like a tiny Dyson sphere than anything, and also a very inefficient way to moderate the light source. Power consumption remains constant at max despite the desire for less or more light. Also, uses a special IKEA bulb, not included.

That’s no lampshade… it’s a space station. That’s no soccer ball… it’s a space station. That’s no cantaloupe… it’s a space station.

It’s got us caught in it’s hyperbole beam.


Maybe it’s supposed to be a lamp that was on the Death Star, not that the lamp resembles the entire Death Star itself.

Why aren’t you up in arms about something the mass of a small moon being called a star to begin with? Or, for that matter, ships called Star Destroyers that are utterly incapable of destroying even planets, never mind stars?


While you’re at it, use Beryllium foil and place a small pellet of plutonium at dead center and REALLY light up the night sky!

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Anti-malarial laser cannon for zorching mosquitos?

Are you sure about the bulb being “a special IKEA bulb”? It appears to take an E26 bulb; isn’t that the standard “Edison Screw” base that’s found on most residential lighting in the US?

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It’s sort of a microscopic (in relative terms) version of a hypothetical Dyson Sphere.

yeahhhh what the death star didnt do that at all.

It’s what the Death Star would have been like, if it had been fully operational. An entire legion of my best lightbulbs await this.

Also, something about the dark side turning to the light side… jokes and jokes

You’re correct. I’ve been bitten by IKEA lamps that require special bulbs only available there. I saw that E26 thing and assumed it was another example of this.