I'll just dip my bike in the water to clean it. What could go wrong?


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It’s not so much that the water was too deep, but more that his bike was not quite fluffy enough. Specific gravity is a bitch.


Confucius say: Clean bicycle wrong way and happiness say bye bye.


What did he think was going to happen?


Avec la participation de Canal +


You might be able to get away with that with Big Apples, but not with those skinny tires.


I always think of this commercial when I see things like this… :joy:


The bike didn’t really look that dirty to me. Talk about extreme measures.



This is the fluff chaser for the terrorism story.


Horrible meme reply. The Terminator should have floated in molten metal.


I don’t recognize the rider, the team logo or the locale. But if he rides for one of the premier cycling teams, that bike probably has a value similar to that of a good second car. I hope his team manager made him go in and fetch it.


So what did he think it would happen?

It isn’t like his bike was made of wood, or witches, or ducks, or very small rocks.


Even if it had all gone to plan, that would have been a bad idea. Bicycle moving parts and water do not get along. I fairly frequently get to help people fix their bikes that they have washed with a hose.


Being a canal that’s probably not the only thing he would have gotten out of the experience!


I think people sometimes think that because they can ride in rain, a hose is no different. The best way to do a quick clean of your bike is with a spray bottle of water and a microfiber cloth, and avoid the greased moving parts. I once observed a neighbor cleaning his very nice Specialized road bicycle with a soapy sponge and hose. It was painful to watch, so I explained why it was a bad idea by describing why handsoap takes the oils out of skin and dries it out. Fortunately that analogy worked for him and I gave him a few of my cheap microfiber automotive cloths.


That’s Thai script at the bottom of the video. I’m assuming that’s probably Bangkok, and the ‘pond’ is one of the city’s canals.

In which case, I’m surprised that either the bike or his arm didn’t dissolve on contact. Unless they’ve radically cleaned up the khlongs lately, I wouldn’t give much for this poor guy’s chances of getting away without contracting some never-before-seen flesh-eating virus or something similarly horrifying.

I wouldn’t even want to stand that close to the edge of a Bangkok canal, much less dip my arm in it.


My first thought, and I haven’t been on a bike in years. Especially immersing the poor thing. What was he thinking? Probably does that to his cat too.




Who would think that immersing a bike in a Bangkok canal would clean anything?

Also, is it realistic to call it water? I mean if we call coffee coffee and that has way more water in it in a Bangkok canal…