Illustrated anniversary edition of Princess Bride




It is so sad to see S. Morgenstern’s public domain classic mined by the greedy William Goldman like this! Especially when it’s still practically impossible to find the original text! Get on that Project Gutenberg!


I actually have a first edition of this book. They use red text for the editors notes.


Shouldn’t this be an abridged version?


Indeed! :wink:


Why is Bill the Butcher on the cover?


You know that feeling, when you want to buy a shiny new copy of a book you already own? I have that right now.


Hopefully we’ll get an update on the long running battle with Kermit Shog and the Morgenstern estate.


The Princess Bride is one of those rare occasions where I really enjoy both the book and the movie, but for different reasons.


Indeed. One of my 2 or 3 favorite movies of all time. Inconceivable?

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