I'm a big fan of this umbrella with a window from 1935

You may be thinking of some specialized headwear.

My first thought was that it requires a wiper.


Yeah, I agree the image is manipulated. And I’d just get one made entirely of clear plastic, it lets you see in all directions.


I stand corrected, it’s not plastic. I guess one (meaning me) should always read the article before sounding off.

@bashful too


I think they’re referring to the other kind of “isinglass”—thin sheets of transparent mineral, like mica. (Not from fish, not related to glue or food/brewing…same word, spelled the same, but has two different meanings.)

The old gas stove in the house I grew up in had a small round window in front of the pilot light. I remember my dad said it was made of mica, and he called it isinglass. They used to use it for windows in things like stoves and furnaces because it could withstand heat.

I don’t think it would be practical in a flexible item like an umbrella, but I think we’ve collectively determined that this umbrella is a fiction…


Impractical for most people because if you’re holding your umbrella that low, you’re taking up three peoples’ worth of horizontal space and nobody can get past you.


Babe(?) oiled silk seems more practical for folding.

The image looks like she is tilting the brolly towards the camera (and into the wind, as the pleats are concave) so the back is just higher than the window, that does not answer the shape of the window but maybe that distortion is due to the wind. On the other hand maybe I just want to believe.


Someone has a huge kink in their neck, seems to me.



Look for things like this:

I had one (not this brand) that died because it got sat on, and the handle wouldn’t close cuz it got bent (my attempts at straightening did not improve it :smiley: ) , handled some pretty serious between the skyscrapers in east london winter winds though.

ETA: it wouldn’t turn inside out, but it would still get buffeted or pulled, 100X beter than no umbrella though.


Good thinking. Tiger pickpockets were a significant problem in that era.

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what makes something chindogu?

  1. Chindogu must exist

Chindogu have to be made. If you design the invention on paper and don’t make it, it doesn’t qualify. It’s a piece of paper with a bad invention on it. Bring the invention into the physical world so humankind can experience how truly almost useless it is.


  1. Chindogu are without prejudice

Chindogu view all human beings as equal. Therefore, they can’t favor a race, religion, age group, gender, or class

those are some good rules!

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it Looks ideal for stalking someone /s

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