What's wrong with this picture?


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They are not sitting on anything.

…also the pigeon is probably fake.


They appear to be sitting on air?


It is slightly unnerving to see just how much my brain is willing to fill in for me.


I am not in between those ladies.


I thought it was the girl without sunglasses appears to have two left hands. Totally didn’t see that the seat part of the bench was missing


Those jeans.


middle woman needs to brush better. Lady you only get one set of teeth to last the duration. sheesh.


Person on the right does not cast an appropriate shadow.

She must be a WITCH, or a very bad photoshop in.


Is… Is everyone just ignoring that that woman has two left arms? Or is that the joke?

ETA: I see @RadioSilence saw it too, just misread


Also, it looks like the person on the right is pulling some sort of meat stick out of her jacket pocket.


… what?


There’s nothing wrong with that picture, it’s a perfectly good photograph.


I give up… I can’t see Waldo at all.


I am going to say it is that male behind the the females using a wrong tool. That boy with the telescope under the tree.

Seriously, a night-sky tool during the day???



Nancy on the left there really doesn’t like those other two.


In the upper right hand corner. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?


Fun answer: lawsuit generator
Real answer: stabilized young tree


Looks like a containment unit for SCP-2707


That is a stockade around a tree, with a strap around the tree from each post.
I can only conclude that whoever transplanted the tree was afraid that the tree would escape if not shackled and barricaded.