What's wrong with this picture?


too late, we had this number in November


I got eyes that are older but they saw two hands drop from one shoulder


Pure cheese :smiley:


The woman on the left has enormously dialated, pentangular pupils


The guy in the background wearing red tshirt. He appears three times, walking towards his picnic (far right, middle and far left)


two of the grass blades are identical


They’re all wearing invisible hats.


It’s on Boing Boing?


I thought there was some artificial leg business going on with the one on the left, but it’s just her handbag.

When you tell me something is weird, everything looks weird.


Is it the red Lectroid from across the 8th dimension?

What, you guys don’t see that?


Nicely done, ladies. Heh.


absolutely nothing. just three ladies wall sitting against the back of a bench missing the seat. image forensics shows no evidence of photoshopping or digital alteration, just the usual jpeg compression.


What kind of analysis is this? Details, details, details! :smiley:


From the looks, i’d guess some kind of gradient detection.


There was a bench like that outside my high school. Me and my friends once sat on it like that, propping up our schoolbags between our legs, and then after a while, the person sitting in the middle would suddenly slide down to the ground with an expression of surprise and confusion, while the other two would stare at them with disgust. If we timed it right, we tried to see how often we could get double-takes from passing pedestrians.


there’s nothing wrong with that picture, you could totally do that in real life with strong legs and good balance. I mean my balance is shot and my legs are no longer that shot and I could do it for at least 10 seconds.


Two women on the left are in the United States, the woman on the right is in China.


I thought it could be a very thin plate sort of thing, but I guess not.


Took me so long to see! I think a part of why our brains are so willing to fill in the bench seat is because the highlight from the top of the curb behind them lines up really well with where we expect the edge of the bench to be…it kinda helps complete the illusion.


@shaddack - it is from a digital forensic tool designed to detect photo manipulation. It measures a number of digital criteria from level of noise, to color space, to level of jpeg compression artifacts, to feathered edge detection, to cloned area detection. Photoshop can match things very closely visually for humans but leaves its digital fingerprints all over the image especially when the techniques used are designed to look smooth and flawless. Even the best photoshopper is only able to make alterations that are not visibly detectable by humans, computers are much better at detecting these digital alterations.

A number of companies make these tools, many of them are actually photoshop plugins! :slightly_smiling:

For example, lets say I add a pigeon to the image like so:

(just a quick job, so no judgey…lol)

The tools see it sticking out like a sore thumb…