Read this hilarious blog post about women writing while lying on their stomachs

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wait… so they hadn’t clicked the little microphone (input via speech) icon thingy?

inanycase the future of typing postures is with all fingers in the air


The gripping follow-up we’ve waited 12 years for! Harken back to earlier stock-photo curiosities: Women Laughing Alone With Salad | Know Your Meme


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This is hilarious. I had no idea that ‘woman writing on her stomach in be’ was a full-on genre.

While I agree that typing on your stomach is ridiculous if attempted for more than two seconds, I actually used to write in my journal in bed in high school. Mostly bad poetry about girls who would never love me back.


Thanks for that! Wonderful. I’m so glad this angle did not end with Women Laughing Alone with Salad. Surely there must be a trope with men, though? Somewhere? I’m not going to look but a funny person ought to. Or maybe this is an artifact of the patriarchy, having anonymous women in iconic positions. Sort of like statues of men are of named individuals and statues of women are of allegorical ideas or mythological beings.


That’s the set-up move for Smack Man With Spoon.


Don’t I know it. :face_with_head_bandage:


I do admit, I used to chat lying on my stomach, with pillows to prop me up. Never lasted for more than 30 minutes, as it’s hell on the back. Stopped doing it when I hit 40. Oh, and I’m a male human, so I’m disqualified on that count as well.

I can only imagine most humans, mutant or not, male or female, actually write (when they write in bed) like I am now: with the laptop on my lap and sitting. The spine can’t really deal with lying on the belly and looking at a screen for all that long.

Filing this (and the upside down spoons) as yet another way stock photography cheats. (The spoon I can understand why they do it that way, as actual usage just isn’t photogenic or playful enough, and lets the advertiser pretend their product was on the spoon).

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I’m so glad I didn’t have to post Women Laughing Alone With Salad (a tumblog of greatness). Happy Mutants got it covered, of course.

Interesting question. I’m sure there are some cliches with stock photography for men as well. Probably Man Walking Fast In Business Suit or something similar.

I suspect there are more of them for women and the womens’ ones are more ridiculous because they are rooted in sexism. Women are only shown eating yogurt and salad, for example, because it’s all we’re supposed to eat. The spoon is always backwards because it’s kittenish and sexy. The women lie on their stomachs to type because it makes men think of teenage girls talking on their phones in the 80s on their stomachs, which again they think is sexy.

It’s always sexism at the end of the day.


Does walking in slow-mo and not looking back at the explosion count?


Women get to do that too :metal::sunglasses:

game of thrones boom GIF


99% of the time, yes. But I can attest from personal experience that it’s much easier to lick the last molecule of ice cream / yogurt / peanut butter / etc. from a spoon if the spoon is held curved side-in.

As for men, to your “Man walking fast in business suit” I’d add “Businessman running carrying attache case” and “Man (Usually but not always Businessman) leaping vertically into air.” Extra points if his heels are close together. Lots of “Businessman” stuff. “Businessman pointing meaningfully off-camera” is another popular one. Chairman Mao used to do that a lot in paintings.


I don’t mean to be a contrarian or a dick but I have written many, many words lying on or in bed on my stomach, as recently as last week. Not with a laptop, obviously, but with a journal and a pen. Perhaps I can get away with it because I’m a man?

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It’s not the only thing you can get away with because you’re a man.

kristen bell sigh GIF


Those are nice ones. It’s not especially gendered, but the stock photo of shaking hands always makes me gag.

Ooh, good one.

Man pointing at graph with unlabelled axes?


… but was there a photographer in the room trying to get your face and your butt in the same picture